Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Write Your Own Story

All my life, I’ve loved to read, ever since my big sister taught me my letters when I was just three. I read serious fiction, humor, memoirs, how-to books, chick lit, you name it…but lately I’ve been thinking of a special book I used to love when I was a kid: Harold and the Purple Crayon.

If you’ve never read it, it features a young boy (Harold, naturally) who wants to go for a walk in the moonlight. But since the moon isn’t out, he decides to draw one with his purple crayon. He draws a path and begins to walk, and as he continues on his journey, he’s creating his entire landscape, his whole world, with his purple crayon as he goes – a forest, an ocean, a monster, and more. He experiences all kinds of adventures on his journey, and eventually draws himself right to where he wants to be.

I keep thinking of this story because, about a week ago, I was contemplating my life, and where it’s going, i.e. the Great Unknown, and fretting a little about those pesky questions like “What am I doing with my life?” and “What am I meant to do, what am I here for?”…and then a little voice said so clearly in my head:

Write your own story.”

And suddenly it all seemed so simple. For a brief moment, everything was crystal clear: I am the author of my life. No one is writing a story in which I’m a puppet acting out what’s written for me – I am the author, the playwright, the storyteller. I control where the story goes.

So like Harold with his purple crayon, I realize that I need to write myself to where I want to be.

If I don’t like how this story is going, it’s up to me to take it in a new direction.

I may not always know where that direction is going to lead me or where I’ll end up, but along the way I’m sure to have experiences and adventures that are uniquely mine. I just need to keep writing, both literally and figuratively, to tell a story I’ll be proud to say is mine.


  1. You know I'm so corny that I teared up when I read that you credited me with teaching you your letters, right? =P I LOVE your reference to Harold and the Purple Crayon!! You are so awesome...thanks for sharing your story....looking forward to reading more. And, of course, now you've INSPIRED me to write one, too, just like you suggested a few weeks ago! =)
    -Nicole P.S. Seriously, how do I select a profile????

    1. Yes, dude. I DO know you're corny enough to tear up at that. I had no doubt when I wrote those words. :) XOXO

      Glad you liked the Harold reference - it was an inspiration when it popped into my head, and it just rang true!

      We'll have to work on the profile thing on the phone...

  2. BTW- "About Jenn" are also a SISTER!!!! And a damn fine one at that!!

    1. Right back at ya, sis!!!! :) Love you!

  3. Prima, it is great to get to know you through your blog....keep writing, keep dreaming, keep finding your voice....God bless!!!

    1. Thanks, Nina!! What a nice comment! It lets me know I'm on the right track for sharing a little of who I am, even if it's through a blog. I will definitely keep dreaming - and writing! :)