Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Month of Music Update 2

Quick update for day 2 of Month of Music – I’m currently at Milkboy Coffee’s weekly open mic night. There have been a few less than stellar acts, but most have been pretty darn good. Two girls called Anna and Amanda were awesome – they did a Belle and Sebastian song and a Garfunkel and Oates (who knew?) song that was hilarious, called “Pregnant Women Are Smug”. They also used a ukulele and kazoos, and if you don’t smile while listening to those, then frankly, you need to rediscover your soul or something. :)  I just chatted with them and they’re here every week during the summer, so if you’re local, come check them (and everyone else) out next week!

As for me, I’ve decided I’m going to try to get my ass up onstage by the end of this month. I just need to find someone to play with me – no way am I going up there a capella. Any guitarists or pianists out there looking for something fun to do…?

Real-time update: I just got introduced to this crazy talented pianist named Steven Singer, who can play pretty much anything the crowd throws at him – tonight, he moved seamlessly from BeyoncĂ© to David Bowie to Neil Diamond to Eminem to so many others that I lost track. Anyway, he offered to play with me any time!! So…I guess I just need to let him know a song and then find the guts to do it.

Meanwhile, I got an email that my daughter’s drum sticks etc. are en route and will arrive in two days!! She is singing and drumming more every day, and I can’t wait to start exploring music with her!

I know I’m only a couple days in, but I’m proud of myself for sticking to my Month of Music commitment – I found myself thinking about a non-musical business idea this morning that I think has amazing potential, and I was really itching to run to my laptop and start doing research, but I held back. I’ve had the idea for a year – there’s no reason it can’t wait another few weeks. I’m committed to following through on this month-long experiment. And no matter how it goes, now I have something specific to look forward to next month.

That’s it for tonight. Dream musically, friends.

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